The United Methodist Women (UMW) meet on the second Thursday of each month.  Members take turns hosting the meetings and providing the program.  All Women are invited to attend the meetings.  Call the church office or check the calendar for schedule.

The UMW raises money for missions.  The have supported individuals and organizations in the past.  One of their biggest fund raisers is their yearly noodle making.

Women from our local group have also participated in the UMW Reading Program.

Every year the UMW hosts a Missionary Sunday.  Click here to read about local members honored for their service.

July 31, 2017
Jennifer Crook

New Worship Times

July 6, 2017
Karen Horn

UMW Corner

Our June 8th meeting was held in the Sunrise Room at 7:30 with Terryann McCoy providing delicious refreshments for us to enjoy while socializing with each other.  President Brenda Hanna presided over the business meeting which began with the secretary and treasurer’s reports.  Our June balance is $709.85. Selling Rada cutlery added $131.95 to our treasury.  Catalogs are available for anyone who wishes to purchase these fine knives.


Our Pledge to Mission offering will be designated to go to UMCOR to help bring relief to an area damaged by floods in our country.


UMW Mission Sunday will probably be held some Sunday in August when a recipient for this years Special Mission Recognition will be announced.


Your help is needed to make noodles for the Liberty-Union-Thurston school booth at the Fairfield County fair.  The dates are July 10,13,17,19 and 24.  Mark your calendar now and plan to join us around 8:00 a.m.   We usually are ready to go home early afternoon so we can get a nap!


Stoutsville camp time is July 16th to July 28th.  Volunteers are needed to stay in the cabin the first week.   Rhonda will have a sign-up sheet for food donations.


We will give $100 to VBS and also to Stoutsville Camp if needed.  We gave that same amount to the Miracle offering which was taken at Annual Conference.  A date was set for our annual Women and Girls Banquet.  It will be October 19th on a Thursday. Rhonda Miller will plan a game show program.  Rhonda then had the program with the theme being “Our Purpose is Faith in Action” based on Philemon 1:6 and 7.  She challenged us to do an activity this month that would demonstrate putting our faith to work.


Rhonda then gave a reading program update and led us in our prayer concerns and prayer time.


Our next meeting will be *Wednesday, August 9th at 7:30 in the Sunrise Room with Brenda Hanna having the program.  Ruth Ann Ford will be our hostess.


*Note change to Wednesday


February 1, 2017
Karen Horn

Soup & Sandwich Lunch

Sunday, February 26th following 2nd service

Proceeds will benefit missionaries Ed & Jennifer Powers with Youth with a Mission YWAM.

Sponsored by the United Methodist Women

September 1, 2016
Karen Horn

UMW Corner

UMW logo

Our noodle making is over for this year! (My back is still saying, “Thank you, God!”). We thank those who came and helped, especially the children who came and were excellent workers.  They seemed to really enjoy the work, and we enjoyed working with them!  230 pounds of noodles were made using 225 pounds of flour and 720 eggs.  We thank those who donated money to buy the supplies.  In case you didn’t know — most of the noodles go to the Liberty Union-Thurston students who sell noodle soup at their booth at the Lancaster fair.  There are bags of noodles in the freezer at church that anyone can buy for $4. The money should go to Treasurer Ann Arebalo.  Ann reported an August balance in our treasury of $377.85.


Gideon Bibles were given in memory of Richard Roshon. It was our honor to serve the Roshon family and friends after Richard’s funeral.  Our loss was definitely Heaven’s gain.


Our UMW Mission Sunday service when our women were in charge went very well.  The only man who came to the front was Paul Sager, who received our annual Special Mission Appreciation Award for the many ways he serves our congregation and gives us something to smile about by the way he talks and the cards he sends. He is a blessing to us!

Paul Sager


Pat Warneke gave a wonderful presentation on the Field of Dreams Uganda on that Sunday.  She and her husband, John, brought various items made by the women in Uganda that, when sold, gives them income they need to help their children and orphans.  They were beautiful and well made.


We voted to keep our pledge to our district at $75 and we’ll designate where we want the money to go.


We will invite Thurston UMW to our Women & Girls Banquet to be held on October 20th.


We have a new Rada Cutlery book for any who would like to order an excellent cutting knife.  See Brenda Hanna if you’re interested in seeing what is available.  Our treasury would benefit from any sales.


Rhonda Miller gave a reading program update, led our prayer concerns and gave her program entitled, “Being a Blessing to the Persecuted”.


I’m sure that we all have seen or heard about Christians being persecuted all around the world including the USA.   Cyber bullying is done in many places especially to the younger generation and Roma (Gypsies) is one of the most harassed ethnic groups in many European countries.  Thanks to the United Methodist Church and the UMW, the persecution of widows in industrialized societies like Mozambique has greatly reduced the threat of doing harm to these women who can now eat in peace.  Rhonda challenged us to become more aware of these persecutions and do what we can to alleviate these concerns.


Our next meeting will be on September 8th, at 7:30 with Linda Wilson providing refreshments and Ruth Ann Ford giving the program.