March 29, 2017
Karen Horn

After Easter Sermon Series


In a world that seems to run on money, greed, power, and more,

what would our world look like if it ran on the love of God?

How can we infuse this world changing love into our lives?

April 23 – The Distracted Life

April 30 – Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher

March 29, 2017
Karen Horn


Monday, April 17

Wednesday, April 19

6-9 p.m. at Christ UMC, Baltimore, in the Family Life Center

Class will be limited to 30 women.

Please contact Pastor Rick Stuhmer if you are interested.



March 29, 2017
Karen Horn

VBS Needs

Your help is requested to collect the following items for VBS. Please place them in the box provided in the Narthex.
Small plastic bowls (i.e., empty margarine containers)
Foil pie tins
Plastic baggies, pint size (zip lock style, not fold top)
Squeeze squirt bottles
Empty plastic water bottles
Paper towel tubes
Ping pong balls
Plastic straws (no bend)

March 29, 2017
Karen Horn

Spaghetti Dinner Sunday, May 7th 12 p.m.

All proceeds will be given to Mission Outreach

March 29, 2017
Karen Horn

Mission Outreach Planning Meeting

If you are interested in working with Mission Outreach, you are invited to attend the April 10th, 7:00 p.m. meeting. We will be planning activities and fund raisers for the spring and summer.

Future activities are a Spaghetti Dinner in May, Pancake Breakfast for the church and/or Food Pantry, finishing the playground, working with the Teen Serve program this summer, and summer lunch program.   

If you have any outreach ideas, please come and share.  If you have an interest, but unable to attend, please let us know, so we can keep you informed on plans made. Geb & Margo Bader, (740) 862-4775

March 29, 2017
Karen Horn

Baltimore-Thurston Area FOOD PANTRY

Why have we stopped bringing in food for our pantry?? Well, let’s get started again. 

How about in April, everyone bring in cake mixes and hamburger helper type dinners? These are not
expensive, and the panty always needs them. After that, in May, let’s bring in canned fruit, instant pudding and Jello.  For June, make it macaroni & cheese and canned pasta dinners (ravioli type).  I will let you know about other months later.  Thank you for your support. 

If you would rather give money, just put it in an envelope and mark it food pantry, or mail it to Ruth at 1760 W Market St., Baltimore OH 43105.  Thank you and May God Bless You. Ruth Beckwith

March 29, 2017
Karen Horn

J.A.M. Jackson Area Seed Ministry

The Jackson Area Seed Ministry collects seeds and money to provide seeds and garden plants to people who can’t afford to buy them, so they can plant a garden.  This helps them to help themselves, by raising their own fresh vegetables. This is a great self-help program, which serves 19 counties in Ohio, mostly in the southeastern part of the state.  They do not include Fairfield County yet, but do Perry and Hocking, so are helping our neighbors. 
If you want to support them, you can bring seeds (or cash) to church for Ruth Beckwith, and she and Will will make sure they get to them.  Thank you in advance for your support.

March 29, 2017
Karen Horn

Teen Serve

In July of this year, a group of teens and adults will be coming to our area to work on houses. If you own your home and need some work done, inside or out, please call 800 596 3498.  They will come to you and see what needs done and talk to you. They do not work on roofs, but will do exterior or interior painting, drywall, wheelchair ramps, or other minor repairs. There is no cost to you, and they always finish every job they start.  They are also looking for financial support, and ladders to borrow for the week they are here, (July 9-15). Please get your name in ASAP so they can get the jobs scheduled.  Thank you!!

March 29, 2017
Karen Horn

Men’s Moments

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – his good, pleasing and perfect will.” (NIV)

Last week, I went to the International Auto Show at the Columbus Convention Center. That’s probably one of the few places you can see all the latest cars in all shapes and sizes, makes and models in one place. As I wandered from GM to MOPAR, FORD, and VW, Sports models to Cross-overs, I tried to take it all in. I spent time squinting at manufacturing prices through tinted windows and even slipping into a few sports cars to get the feel of being behind the wheel.

In the hallway, before you enter the auto show itself, there were some older cars displayed that had been restored to their original condition. There was a red 1964 Corvair Spyder convertible that brought back a lot of memories. Even though I never owned one, I had certainly gone into a lot of Chevy showrooms to see one and take home some Corvair pamphlets. There was also a 1967 Pontiac GTO which was another dream car of mine. I thought about the new cars on the convention floor and wondered how long their newness would last? Was a restoration in their future? The truth is, I would prefer an older car which has been restored, than a brand new one right off the showroom floor. Why? There’s something in our nature that enjoys seeing old things being made new again. Whether it’s furniture or houses or cars, it’s very satisfying when we see it.

In our Lenten study, Restored, the author, Rev. Tom Berlin, is standing in a junk yard talking about how the cars ended up there. It was the end of the line for all the cars sitting there. All the cars in the yard were good for was spare parts. For example, I bought a new 1973 Chevy Vega and drove it for many years. I finally had to visit a junk yard to replace the hatch on the back of it because it had rusted out. Tom says the cars in the junk yard are there because of accidents or just wearing out. He compares them to the messes we find ourselves in.

God, as our creator, wants to restore us to the image of Jesus. Just as it takes years to restore a car to its original condition, so it may take a long time to become all God wants us to be. In the meantime, “And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Jesus Christ returns.” Philippians 1:6.

Next men’s breakfast:
Saturday | April 15th | 8 a.m.
Ma Maw’s Diner | Baltimore

March 29, 2017
Karen Horn

Giorgi Esaiashvili

Thursday, April 6 at 7 p.m.

Everyone, men & women, please come! Join the UMW when Giorgi, our foreign exchange student from Georgia, will share about his country. Refreshments will follow the presentation.

The UMW will commence their business meeting at approximately 7:45 p.m.